Kelly Patrick Studio of Dance

570-382-3276 or 570-677-6947


Costume Information

    • Costume prices average $50.00-$80.00 per costume.

    • Costume deposit is $40.00 per costume if payed in the studio by check or cash.
    • If paid online, the costume deposit is $42.00 per costume.
    • Costume deposits are due December 1st.
        • If cancelled by 1/4, deposit will be refunded, less $10/costume.
        • No cancellations after 1/14 are allowed. Total balance must be paid in full.

    • The balance for costumes will be billed in March.

  • Options for paying costume deposits:
      • Option 1: Add additional money to your monthly payment.
      • Option 2: Pay the total deposit in 1 payment before December 1st.
                     Option 3: Sell Gertrude Hawks candy.